Wydział Chemii
Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

Duration: till 28th of February 2022, not shorter that 6 months

Salary: MSc student 800 PLN/month (gross); PhD student 1620 PLN/month (gross).

Principal Investigator (and Supervisor): Prof. Czesław Rudowicz.


·         Practical experience in programming using suitable computational languages, e.g. Fortran.

·         Other qualifications required:

– experience in programming using MathCad would be an advantage;

– basic knowledge of fundamentals of crystallography, symmetry and group theory;

– high level of analytical skills and inquiring mind.

Scope of work within project tasks:

·      Further development of computer package for analysis of low symmetry aspects in the zero field splitting parameter (ZFSP) sets or crystal field parameter (CFP) sets for the 3d/4f ions in crystals and molecules.

·      Carrying out calculations using the extended computer package, including

– standardization of the orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic ZFSP/CFP sets to ensure comparability of disparate sets taken from various sources;

– comparative analysis of low symmetry aspects inherent in the triclinic or monoclinic ZFSP/CFP sets obtained by us or reported in literature for the constituent 3d/4f ions in selected molecular nanomagnets (MNM);

– analysis of low symmetry aspects based on crystallographic data (cif files) using, e.g. SYMMOL computer package.