Principal Investigator

ICRI-BioM Lodz University of Technology
Politechnika Łódzka

ICRI-BioM, located at Lodz University of Technology, is looking for researchers, young academics, to fill the full time positions of Principal Investigator, both Senior and Junior.

The successful candidates will organize and lead research group in the area of polymer and biopolymer chemistry.


Requirements and Selection Criteria for the Position       


Candidates should have at least a Ph.D. degree and 10 years (senior) or 3 years (junior) of experience in polymer chemistry, (bio)polymer computational chemistry or molecular biosystems, international recognition for research accomplishments (ideally comparable to the ERC level), and possess effective leadership skills, together with a record as a mentor of young scientists. (senior position).


Interested candidates are requested to e-mail the following documentation (in the pdf format):

  • brief CV (up to 3 standard pages)
  • up to 10 key research and/or implementation achievements (a single achievement is e.g. full text of a publication or a patent, etc.),
  • list of key projects for which the applicant was granted funding or played a major role,
  • list of key conference speeches or lectures delivered by the applicant (senior position: at the invitation of hosts, indicating the names of the host),
  • description of the applicant’s experience in research-industry cooperation and successful implementations (up to 1 pages),
  • senior position only: description of the applicant’s skills in guiding students’ research (up to 1 pages),
  • senior position only: description of the applicant’s research management experience (up to 2 page)
  • senior position only: description of unique features of the achievements obtained in the last ten years and their influence on the development of a given scientific field (up to 3 pages),

Application Submission:      

Interested candidates are requested to e-mail the abovementioned documentation (in the pdf format) by March 31th, 2021 (or until the position is filled) to:

Professor Piotr Paneth, Director for Organization of Research at

For more details, please see the attached file