Stypendysta stanowisko badawcze

  • Miejsce: Warszawa
  • Forma zatrudnienia: Stypendium naukowe
  • Dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych
  • nauki chemiczne

Opis stanowiska

Project description:
The aim of this project is to implement the Sulfur-Fluorine Exchange (SuFEx) reaction into the field of nucleosides, (oligo)nucleotides and
mRNA. SuFEx in a novel click-type reaction that takes advantage of exceptional chemical properties of the S(VI)-F bond present in sulfonyl
fluorides (R-SO2F), fluorosulfates (RO-SO2F) and sulfamoyl fluorides (RNH-SO2F). Apart from its utility in general organic chemistry SuFEx
approach towards biomolecules creates unique opportunity by gaining them new functions and properties through introduction of “sufexable”
units into their structure.

Nasze wymagania

  • Enrolled as a student of first cycle studies or second cycle studies conducted in a higher education institution on the territory of Poland in biology, chemistry, physics or related discipline.
  • Great communication skills and a passion for life sciences
  • Experience in organic chemistry techniques (bioorganic compounds synthesis, purification and identification) or in molecular biology techniques (Synthesis of mRNA by IVT method) is a big advantage

Zakres obowiązków

  • Synthesis of modified nucleotides and oligonucleotides with SuFEx group and their spectroscopic characterization.
  • Stability studies.
  • Synthesis of mRNA by IVT method.
  • Biophysical study on (oligo)nucleotides - protein interactions.


  • Stimulating and friendly work environment, opportunity to work in an innovative project

Dokumenty wymagane do rekrutacji

  • Cover letter
  • Current curriculum vitae with list of publications, conference presentations and other achievements
  • Copy of document confirming the student status
  • Transcript of studies record
  • Signed information on the personal data processing: