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on May 26th 2021


announces a competition


for the post of


full time employment

at the Department of Health Psychology

for a specified period of 4 years


Required qualifications:


The competition may join those who meet the requirements of art.113 of the Act from July 20th 2018 of Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2021. Item 478 with amendments):




1) have the qualifications specified in the Act and the Statute of Pomeranian Medical University in  Szczecin:,

2) have not been punished disciplinary penalty referred to the Article. 276 paragraph 1 point 7, 8

3) meet the requirements referred to the Article. 20 paragraph 1 point 1-3


and meet the following eligibility requirements:


1) have at least a doctoral degree

2) have scientific achievements for the last 2 calendar years will be assessed at least 6.0 points Impact  Factor (IF) and at least 3.0 points Impact Factor (IF) obtained as the first author are required
3) received the opinion of the dean and head of unit, in which they apply for employment on the  qualifications and predispositions of the candidate for scientific and didactic work. In the case of employment as an assistant professor a positive opinion of the head of the unit is required
4) have 3 years' experience as a university/academic tutor

  In the case if person with postdoctoral/higher doctorate degree is applying for the post of Assistant    Professor, the criterion of 3 years professional experience of being an university tutor, does not apply

5) have knowledge of English language on the level that allows to conduct fluently didactic classes    (declaration)

6) in the period of 4 years preceding the date of employment or promotion, were / are the head of a research or innovation project financed from funds established for this purpose in the state budget or from sources other than the budget, or have submitted at least twice a formally correct application for a scientific grant financed from funds established for this purpose in the state budget or coming from sources other than the budget
7) have established cooperation with the socio-economic environment (recommended)
8) a person who does not meet the requirement set out in point 6 may also apply for the position of an   assistant professor, provided that it meets the increased criterion of scientific achievements
the increased scientific output of a person who does not meet point 6 should be assessed for the last     2 calendar years at  least 12.0 points of Impact Factor (IF), while at least 6.0 points IF obtained as the first author are required

Required documents:


1) request for the competition – an application

2) CV with particular emphasis on scientific and professional development

3) opinion of the dean of the faculty and head of unit in which the candidate is applying for employment about the qualifications and skills of the candidate to maintain research and teaching

4) personal questionnaire of the applying candidate

5) statements

6) copies of documents certifying education (diploma of higher education, certificate / diploma granting a doctoral degree, certificate / diploma granting post-doctorate degree)

7) permit to practice the profession – for physicians, dentists, nurses and midwives

8) copies of records of previous employment

9) declaration regarding the knowledge of English language on the level that allows fluent conducting didactic courses/classes

10) confirmation of a copy of the contract with the institution financing the project confirming the project management or attaching a document confirming the submission of at least twice a correct application for a scientific grant financed from funds established for this purpose in the state budget or coming from sources other than the budget (confirmation of point 6 from qualification requirements
11) certificate of scientific achievements from the Main Library of  PMU
12) permission to  process personal data

13) information on cooperation established with the socio-economic environment


In case of applying for full-time employment in statement, referred to point. 5 from the part  “required documents”, the candidate shell declare that Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin will be the candidate’s principal place of employment.

Failure to meet the qualification requirements and failure to submit the required documents, including statements will result in rejection of the application.


Candidate should provide the Human Resources Department of PMU in Szczecin, situated at 1 Rybacka street room 203, with the required documents till June 30th t 2021 year till 15.00 p.m.

After the deadline submissions will not be considered.

End of the competition shall take place no later than September 30th 2021 year..


We reserve the right to answer only selected offers. Submitted documents will not be returned by post.


Employees of PMU applying for the post, subject to the competition, might not submit the documents listed in the part „required documents” in point 4, 6, 7 and 8 if personal file contains such. The availability of these documents confirms the Human Resources Department of PMU upon the request of the employee.




Forms (available for download):


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