Asystent / adiunkt stanowisko badawczo-dydaktyczne

Katedra Zarządzania
Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego
  • Miejsce: Warszawa
  • Forma zatrudnienia: umowa o pracę, pełny etat
  • Dziedzina nauk społecznych
  • nauki o zarządzaniu i jakości

Opis stanowiska

KU is looking for RESEARCH ASSISTANT/ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in Department of Management

For more information about Department of Management, please read the description of the field:

Any questions regarding the recruitment announcement can be directed to Miłosz Miszczyński PhD to the e-mail address:
We encourage you to contact us and ask questions if you have any doubts about the content of the advertisement or want to consult on how to adjust your scientific path to the profile of the candidate you are looking for and the recruitment needs of a given organizational unit.

This is to inform you that by submitting your job application, you give your consent for your personal data provided in your application to be processed by Kozminski University, ul. Jagiellońska 59, 03-301 Warsaw for the purpose of the recruitment process managed by Kozminski University, for the position named in the job notice.

Nasze wymagania

  • Research Assistant: master's degree,
  • Research Assistant: precise publication plans,
  • Research Assistant: plans related to submitting research grants,
  • Assistant Professor: doctoral degree,
  • Assistant Professor: publications in peer-reviewed journals, both Polish and international, precise publication plans in the discipline's journals,
  • Assistant Professor: clearly defined plans for submitting research grants,
  • Assistant Professor: teaching experience,
  • Assistant Professor: participation in academic societies and academic conferences.
  • For both positions: proven knowledge of the English language at the B2 level, determined in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages,
  • For both positions: documented knowledge of the Polish language at the B2 level, determined in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages,
  • For both positions: knowledge of the use of Office365 and Microsoft Teams,
  • For both positions: communicativeness and ability to work in a team, ability to present research and teaching interests, ability to work in intercultural teams, analytical and synthesis skills, respect for diversity and personal culture, motivation and availability,
  • For both positions: profiles on major social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Researchgate) or readiness to set them up,
  • For both positions: readiness to indicate KU as the first place of work,
  • For both positions: availability to conduct classes on selected days of the week and on selected weekends - in accordance with the schedule set by the didactics department,
  • For both positions: availability for scientific work (including publishing) and administrative work for the Department and availability to conduct classes on selected days of the week and on selected weekends - according to the needs of the study program.

Mile widziane

  • Research Assistant: a graduate degree in the field of management and quality studies, and open doctoral process (recommended),
  • Research Assistant: publications in national and international scientific journals (recommended),
  • Research Assistant: research grant experience (recommended),
  • Research Assistant: experience in teaching including experience in conducting didactic classes, courses or training, and online environments in Polish and English (recommended).
  • Assistant Professor: a graduate degree in the field of management and quality studies (recommended),
  • Assistant Professor: publication record, with publications in English, including articles, editing, or authorship of scientific monographs (recommended),
  • Assistant Professor: research grant experience (recommended),
  • Assistant Professor: working with online students in Polish and English, promoted master's students (recommended),
  • For both positions: experience working in the academic environment (recommended),
  • For both positions: non-academic experience related to research and teaching (recommended),
  • For both positions: internships at foreign universities/foreign scholarships/lectures at foreign universities (recommended),
  • For both positions: documented knowledge of English at C1 level (recommended),
  • For both positions: documented knowledge of the Polish language at the C1 level (recommended),
  • For both positions: knowledge of remote work tools (e.g. MIRO, Socrative, Mural) recommended,

Zakres obowiązków

  • conducting classes in accordance with the number of didactic hours assigned to a given position in the academic year (210 didactic hours per year with opportunities for additional teaching load),
  • conducting classes in Polish and English, using Polish and English-language literature, at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the area of general management as well as topical courses related to topics such as entrepreneurship, work and employment, trust, innovation and business history,
  • conducting research in the scientific area agreed with the Head of the Department,
  • performing administrative tasks specified by the Head of the Department,
  • taking care of student organizations and projects,
  • publication of KU-affiliated publications.


  • contract of employment,
  • full-time employment for the position,
  • the annual amount of teaching load: 210 hours in the academic year,
  • the university covers the costs of active participation in leading international conferences and the costs of editing / editing the language of scientific papers for international scientific journals,
  • possibility of obtaining internal grants to cover preliminary / pilot studies,
  • private medical care package,
  • benefits as part of social benefits,
  • possibility of professional development, participation in additional teaching projects,
  • a lot of support at the beginning and work in a friendly team,
  • starting work in the offered position is planned from 01/02/2024,
  • first contract planned from 01/02/2024 to 31/09/2025,
  • expected employment of two employees in the position of an Research Assistant or Assistant Professor.

Dokumenty wymagane do rekrutacji

  • CV, cover letter, copy of the diploma (scan),
  • a list of publication plans in the area of research interests,
  • indicate the areas of your competences and interests among those covered by the Department,
  • description of research plans for the next three years,
  • a list of publications in the area (optional for Research Assistant, required for Assistant Professor )
  • a list of teaching experience (optional for Research Assistant, required for Assistant Professor )
  • certificate language or, if applicable, a declaration of knowledge of English and Polish, indicating the level of proficiency determined in accordance with the European System for the Description of Language Education