Międzywydziałowa Katedra Żywności i Żywienia
Akademia Kaliska im. Prezydenta Stanisława Wojciechowskiego
  • Forma zatrudnienia: Etat
  • Dziedzina nauki: technologia żywności i żywienia

I Requirements for candidates (determination of statutable and statutory requirements to be met by a candidate):

1. Academic title / academic degree / professional title:

                –  professional academic title of Master of Science in Food Technology.

2. Documented scientific achievements in the field or discipline of the candidate’s main scientific

    achievements (does not apply to teaching positions):

   – not applicable.

3. Determination of the required teaching or professional experience of the candidate (not applicable to  research posts):

   –  preparation for didactic work;

   – at least 3 years of professional experience in conducting classes independently.   

4. Within the meaning of the Act, Calisia University is to constitute the basic workplace of the candidate after getting employed.

5.  Employment will take place under a fixed-term employment contract and will be full-time – 360 teaching hours.

6. There is a possibility of conducting a job interview.


II Documents required :

1.      Letter of application addressed to the Rector.

2.      Professional CV containing information on scientific and organisational achievements as well as the direction of further activities,  list of publications and others.

3.      Personal questionnaire (the form can be downloaded from the School’s official website).

4.      Diploma duplicates certifying the given education.

5.      Employment certificates of completed periods of employment.

6.      Declaration of compliance with the requirements of Art. 113 of the Act of July 20, 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 478, as amended).

7.      Declaration certifying that Calisia University will be the primary workplace in case of winning the open recruiting competition (the form can be downloaded from the School’s official website).

8.      Agreement on personal data processing.

Aby ubiegać się o tę pracę, wyślij swoje dane e-mailem na a.wieczorek@akademia.kalisz.pl