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Podhalańska Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Nowym Targu
  • Forma zatrudnienia: Etat
  • Dziedzina nauki: Dziedzina nauk medycznych i nauk o zdrowiu

Attachment no 1

Model of job offer form

concerning the employment of an academic staff




Podhalańska Państwowa Uczelnia Zawodowa [Podhale State College of Applied Sciences] in Nowy Targ; hereinafter referred to as PPUZ in Nowy Targ
Institute of Health Sciences
Research assistant
Group of employees
teaching and research
medical sciences, health sciences
Posted on
27th August 2021
Deadline for the submission of applications:
26th September 2021
The date of announcing the competition results
05th October 2021
Type of employment
full time employment
Written statement declaring that upon signing the employment contract with PPUZ, it will become the primary place of employment;
Description (field, expectations, comments):
The candidate (who holds at least MA degree) is supposed to conduct classes for the students of dietetics at PPUZ as well as to prepare necessary documents concerning teaching process. The candidate will have to conduct the following classes:

1.       Nutrition of a healthy man

2.       Nutrition of a sick child

3.       Nutrition of a chronically ill person and nutrition of the elderly

4.       Clinical outline of surgical diseases

5.       Supplementation of athletes/ Diet planning for athletes

6.       Nutritional assessment methods

7.       Eco food in dietetics/ Production of dishes and vegetarian dishes in prevention and disease treatment

8.       Clinical outline of internal diseases
The candidate must:

1.       hold MA degree

2.       have graduated university on: dietetics, psychodietetics,

3.       be able to work on the following programmes for dietitians: Aliant, DietetykPro, GMON, Medfitness,

4.       have completed additional courses on dietetics, psychodietetics, diet-related diseases, nutrition and supplementation of athletes, nutrition of the elderly,  
The list of the documents
The candidate should provide the following documents:

1.         declaration of compliance the criteria according to the Article 113 of a regulation of 20th July 2018 – the Act on Higher Education (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] 2021, item 478 with subsequent changes);

2.         employment application;

3.         curriculum vitae;

4.         personal questionnaire;

5.         declaration of consent to the processing of personal data;

6.         certified copies of diplomas confirming professional title or an equivalent one;

7.         information on scientific and didactic achievements;

8.         a list of the applicant’s scientific publications;

9.         documents confirming professional experience.
1.         The candidate may provide further documents or include the information which may be used while the admission procedure.

2.         The candidate should provide all the documents either in person or send them to the following address: Podhalańska Państwowa Uczelnia Zawdowa [Podhale State College of Applied Sciences] in Nowy Targ, ul. Kokoszków 71, 34 – 400 Nowy Targ Dział Kadr [Human Resources] PPUZ in Nowy Targ.

3.         If the application is sent by mail, the date of delivering it at the PPUZ in Nowy Targ is decisive while considering the application.

4.         The Selection Board may decide to carry out an interview with the candidate.

5.         It is possible not to sign the employment contract with the candidate who won the recruitment procedure but failed to meet the requirements in the 2021/2022 academic year.

6.         The applications that do not comply with the conditions stated above or that are sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

7.         The competition may be annulled without providing reasons.


Rektor PPUZ w Nowym Targu








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